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Parish Partnerships Flyer 2020

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faith in motion Pictured

faith in motion Pictured above: Puerto Rican sisters get help to continue their essential ministry amidst earthquakes. A southern California parish raised funds during Lent in support of the Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima in Puerto Rico. The parish’s efforts assisted the sisters so that they can continue their outreach to the poor and vulnerable. “We wanted to connect our parish and school to our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico, who are struggling with recent earthquakes and past hurricanes,” said the parish pastor. Across the country, we are bringing people together to build a more vibrant Catholic Church–one parish partnership at a time. We invite you to join this movement. Your Lenten appeal or other fundraising project can support the Church in: • Rebuilding efforts from hurricane damage • Funding youth centers, camp and education • Ministries and parishes in remote areas of Appalachia, Native American reservations and the southern U.S. border with Mexico • Migrant farm worker camps in farmlands • Building or repairing churches in disadvantaged communities Pictured above: A vibrant Native American Catholic community in need in Zuni, New Mexico. Contact Natalie Donatello at or (312) 795-6057 to learn how your group can make a difference. Catholic Extension works in solidarity with people in America’s poorest regions to build up vibrant and transformative Catholic faith communities. Partner with us on a project that will transform your parish by giving to poor Catholics right here in our own country.

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