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2020 Parish Partnership: Midwest

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2020 Parish Partnership Brochure for midwest parishes


MEETING THE CHALLENGES AND TRANSFORMING LIVES CHOOSING THE PROJECT THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOUR PARISH A message from Father Jack As Catholics, we identify with our parish. It’s our spiritual home; in some cases, for generations. I understand the feeling. After all, I was a parish priest myself. Yet in our hearts, we know that the church extends far beyond our congregation. We understand that Christ commands us to serve the poor, to bring hope, and to offer relief well outside the boundaries of our individual parishes. Catholic Extension is the ideal conduit through which we can build faith, inspire hope and ignite change in disadvantaged communities throughout the United States. Through our Parish Partnership, we can extend God’s love together —and transform lives in ways that you could never imagine. I hope you’ll be inspired to join us in supporting Catholic communities across America. I know you’ll find an ongoing partnership with Catholic Extension rewarding. A step-by-step guide FIRST, THINK ABOUT THE MISSION AREA THAT YOUR PARISH WOULD LIKE TO SUPPORT. ❑ Building or repairing churches in disadvantaged communities ❑ Ministries and parishes in remote areas of Appalachia, Native American reservations, and along the southern U.S. border with Mexico ❑ Youth centers, camps and religious education programs FIND THE PROJECT YOU WANT TO SUPPORT, AND WE’LL SUPPORT YOU. Once you have a sense of where and how you’d like to help fundraise, we’ll show you several projects from which to choose. Then we’ll structure your program, whether it’s a single Sunday, a Lenten appeal, or anything in between. Catholic Extension will provide the materials you need, such as: • Bulletin inserts • Flyers • Project templates • Donation envelopes • Talking points All materials will be printed, customized to your parish, and delivered directly to you.

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