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Parish Partnerships Flyer 2020

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Parish Partnerships Flyer

More information at: join the movement This Lenten season, we asked parishes, Catholic schools, religious education classes, and other community groups to partner with us to help poor Catholics right here in our own country – in places where faith is strong, but resources are scarce. We were blown away by the response we received. Thanks to the generosity of our partners, communities across the country now have the supplies, staff, and support they need to make their faith come alive. From remote villages in Alaskan “bush” country to the island of Puerto Rico, these partnerships are making a big difference for poor Catholic populations across the nation. Read on for ways your group can make a difference! Pictured above: Students help fundraise for a Catholic faith community in need. faith in action One Chicago-area parish and Catholic school dedicated their longstanding “Lenten Almsgiving” to help St. Luke’s Church in rural Arkansas turn a former farmer’s co-op into a church, parish hall, and classrooms for religious education. “In this church, parishioners feel affirmed and respected,” said the pastor of the Chicago parish. “They feel a sense of solidarity and connection. They are so grateful for our gift that they were brought to tears.” Pictured left: The grateful St. Luke parish Want to get involved? Contact Natalie Donatello at (312) 795-6057 or

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